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Join the fight for pedestrian safety in the West End
Aspen must implement changes now to ensure resident safety
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Aspen residents are at risk from the dangerous traffic conditions in the West End.

We are a grassroots group of Aspen residents who believe the traffic situation in Aspen’s iconic and historic West End is a crisis severely impacting the safety and quality of life of those who live, walk, and bike there. Thousands of cars travel through the area each day on neighborhood streets not designed, constructed, or engineered to accommodate such heavy traffic. Allowing the West End traffic crisis to continue is dangerous and environmentally irresponsible.


People have been struck by vehicles and we must act before anyone else is hurt. The Aspen City Council has addressed traffic issues in other parts of Aspen and it should take similar action for residents of the West End, Power Plant Road, Cemetery Lane, and McLain Flats. Aspen residents have repeatedly expressed their concerns to the Aspen City Council and presented numerous options for reducing or eliminating commuter traffic in the area.

Tell Aspen to take action today.

Tell Mayor Torre and the Aspen City Council that it must take action to keep its residents safe. Sign our petition calling on the City to:


  1. Increase the number of four-way stop signs to cover every intersection in the West End;

  2. Add speed bumps, like those on Cemetery Lane and elsewhere;

  3. Create well-painted pedestrian crosswalks along West Smuggler Street; and

  4. Vigorously enforce moving violations, including by adding Aspen Police Dept. patrols and speed cameras (capable of automatically issuing tickets for violating stop signs and speeding).

Hey @AspenTorre & @cityofaspen please protect Aspen residents & fix the dangerous traffic in the West End – check out @WestEndSafety’s petition:

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Please join us to help get this fixed.

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